Tidewater Art Studio

marine woodcarvings by Dennis Drechsler


Working on a Humpback.
Grey Whale pattern for cutting.
Working on a commission.
Edmonton carving seminar 2015.


Hi, I live in Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 


I describe myself as a marine woodcarver because I like to carve whales, sharks and dolphins. I have been carving seriously for about 25 years and my first exposure to woodcarving was when a friend showed me the working decoy carvings that a fellow he knew was doing. That was in the mid 80s when I lived in Edmonton, Alberta. I played around for a few years with decoy carving and songbird carving while working full time.

I soon joined the Alberta Decoy Carving Association (EDCA) and met other people who were also starting to grow an interest in carving. The club and the friends I made served to foster my passion for woodcarving, but I never really got serious until we moved to Victoria in 1990. I wasn't working anymore so had more time to spend carving and soon I started to get quite serious about it. And of course, living next to the Ocean gave me a good chance to go whale watching! Later, I talked to other carvers and they could not remember having seen any whale carvings at the carving shows they attended. So, decoy and songbird carving soon took a back seat to whale carving after I got the idea I could be a whale carver!



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After a time I became good enough to enter a few carving competitions; probably because I was the only whale carver entering, and I began to win a few ribbons. I still do some bird carvings, but they are usually Seabirds in miniature and I do them for my own enjoyment as they give me a break from Cetaceans and doing commissions. After all these years, I still enjoy carving whales and I also do a bit of teaching on the side. The decoy carver who introduced me to the pastime told me to always keep track of every carving. So I have always kept a record and add each carving as I finish them. They are all signed and numbered and this past year, I completed carving number 625!

So I hope you go through the website and, if you are a carver, perhaps the work will give you some ideas and inspiration. If you don't carve but have one or two woodcarvings as art or in your collection, perhaps the "Gallery Page" or the "For Sale" page will get you thinking about adding a whale or dolphin carving to your home.


The carving number for each carving is explained as follows ...

01 thru 12 for the month and then the consecutive carving number. (eq: # 10554 is October and the 554th carving to date). The carvings are all signed and numbered on the bottom of the base. 


I hope you enjoy looking at them!


Dennis Drechsler, marine woodcarver.