I started carving decoys and birds in mid 1980 in Edmonton, Alberta. It began as an after-work hobby and a fun activity on the weekends. It wasn’t until a move to Victoria in 1990 that I began to get serious about my carving as a retirement activity. Living on the west coast and next to the ocean gave me an opportunity to go whale watching and I started to carve primarily marine animals; Whales and Dolphins.


I have competed in many of the carving competitions across Western Canada and the US and have won 7 Best of Show ribbons. I have also won a first-place ribbon for a carving of two Gray Whales from the Ward Foundation World Carving Competition held annualy in Ocean City, Maryland.


I have always kept track of the carvings I have done and all are numbered and signed. Carved from Basswood and mounted on Black Walnut, all my carvings are for sale.  I accept commissions and have taught numerous seminars at various locations in western Canada.


Dennis Drechsler

Victoria BC


Marine Woodcarvings


Dennis Drechsler



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