Sea Turtles For Sale

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1. Sea Turtles - carved in wood.

They have been finished with a faux bronze look and it is the first carving I have done using this technique. Real bronze sculptures are expensive as the bronzing process is very labour intensive and I wanted to find a process that would give my carvings the look of bronze. This process has that look and I can do it myself. The turtles are attached with brass and steel pins so they both detach from the base. The mounting block is painted Maple and the base underneath is Black Walnut.   The sculture is 18" tall. Each Turtle is 8 1/2" long and the black base is 7" tall. The base has an internal lead weight for balance.

©2021    #02668    $550.


                Sea Turtles    



2. Sea Turtles - reproduced in resin

These are reproductions of an original wood carving. A mold was made of the original and then a casting was poured in liquid resin. The resin reproductions are molded, cast and painted by myself. So in that regard, each one is an original entirely done by the artist. The two turtles are mounted on a similiar wood mount but each figure is mounted in a bit different position on the simulated wave so that no two are exactly the same. (the first 2 numbers are the month the carving was done.) They detach for easy packaging.

The turtles are 6" long and both sculptures stand 9" tall.  Each is priced at $300. are signed and numbered on the base. 

©2021    #06671-1     $300.                                                                                 

  DSC02637 B           DSC02638 2


 ©2021     #10672-2

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