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Carvings For Sale    - all prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping.


Bottlenose-Dolphins-8.JPG Bottlenose-Dolphins-9.JPG Humpback-Whale-2.JPG

Humpback-Whale.JPG Orca-2.JPG Orca-3.JPG

Note: about the numbering system I use. The first 2 numbers are the month, and the next numbers are the carving number.    

                                                                  eq:  ©2015   #04601    date completed: April of 2015.  The 601st carving I have done.


1. Bottlenosed Dolphins  ©2015  #10621

    Figures are about 6" long & mounted on Black Walnut     $250.00

2. Humpback Whales   -mother and calf    ©2013  #08577

    20" high  mounted on a block of BC marble    $1000.00

3. Orca  (Killer Whale)  ©2015  #09618

    Ocean bottom with the remainder of an old ship wreck.     $350.00       SOLD 2/17